Thursday, 31 July 2014

Now then, some ( well one) blog follower has commented that there doesn’t appear to be much going on at the moment. True, Anyway, Pete the Barefoot Boater, I have a wee story for you.

At some point in the future there may well be one very disappointed doggo In  this area.  Finlay came back from a walk with his master the other day, and he had sniffed out and dug up a…………………………. rubber bone.  Brought it back, ‘twas rather manky, so I gave it a scrub, and Finlay took it off to have a bit of “gnaw and play”. After a while, and all suspiciously quiet, and went looking, and found that Finlay had completely EATEN said bone!!!!!,. 
 I collected a few crumbs and had a sniff myself, and they smelt of mint, so it turns out it was a tooth cleaning bone. Hey ho. And No Finlay didn’t get us up in the night with tummy ache.   How about that then ???

Have had 3 wonderful days here.  Trundle has been washed and waxed, painted  and tidied. I have walked a bit of the South Staffs disused railway walk, and found some blackberries, which have been put into a pie for His Nibs. ! Mick has listened to his cricket and fished.

Tomorrow, its onwards.  As we are going towards Brum, we will be in the vicinity of CRT services at Greensforge Locks, so will have an empty of the compost, so that we are sparkling and clean , and will not have to think about toilets for another 7 weeks. !

Eventually, over to Warwick, and a cratch repair AGAIN ! GRHHHHH in Braunston, before off down to Aylesbury, and Berkhamstead, before we turn back for the Nene. However, that’s not for a while yet.  Whhoooo whooooo.

 bye bye Shroppie, turn right here and say heloo Staffs and Worcs.

 Is this a kids narrowboat ?????

 Very Desirable Mooring.