Monday, 28 July 2014

Not a lot to report at the moment. Just going along from one shady bush/tree/hedge to another.

Goldston Bridge with the Excellent Wharf Tavern, was a great 2 day stop over. Lots of lovely shade.

Norbury Junction was the next 2 day stopover, and an excellent Sunday lunch at the pub. Also some excellent ale, but a bit pricy at £3.25 a pint . !!!

Have made it to Brewood for shopping. After fuelling up at Wheaton Aston, the best place on the whole system for fuel.  A smashing bloke and a good price for diesel..   so over the next few days, we will enjoy a bit of the Staffs and Worcs down to Stourbridge, before turning for

Dudley and Brum. Yeah. !!!!