Thursday, 12 September 2013

 Look what was on the inside of our window. .......    a little newt. !    how on earth did he get there?   Anyway, we were at Berkhamstead, and there is a little waterway beside the canal, so I popped him in there.  He was so sweet.
Had a wander down to Winkwell, but we are so fed up with the railway.  That night Mick couldn't sleep and he counted 100 per hour !!!!!!  crazy.  So that was it, and we turned around and at the moment we are down the Wendover Arm.......Fabulous, quiet and rural.  Just had a 6 mile walk to look at the restoration of the rest of this canal.   Its all being done by volunteers, and they are all over the age of 55'ish ?    What a fantastic job they do.  If this ever gets opened to its full extent, it will be a smashing waterway to cruise.
So, slow trundle back towards Gayton for the end of the month, and then back down the Nene.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

 Welford Wharf


 Yardely Gobion on the GU 


 I watched a young fox saunter across the bridge, back to his den, I guess, It was about 7.30am

 High-Rise living for Arachnids



 I found some Fresh hops in a hedge, and someone told me that they smell lovely when they have dried. So up in the Galley they have gone.

 The Chilterns
Really enjoying this mini-cruise down to Berkhamstead and we are very lucky with the weather,  However, the nights are cooler now, and when the boats have their fires lit, it smells very autumn-y.
Just seen some argy-bargy at Cowroast lock.
 A NB went past at turbo speed.  Various heads popped out of boats asking nicely if he would slow down.  He gave them the finger.  BUT he did it to one bloke, which was a mistake. This large chappy unfolded himself from his boat and shouted " hey A***ho, are you going to slow down, or not ?".  Anyway about 30 mins later we decided to take Finlay for a walk, and up at the lock, was The Boat, Numpty Boater, Large Haystack type boater, and the Fuzz. !!!!!   We turned to walk away, but not before the policeman asked us what happened. Anyway, as it turned out Haystack Boater had offered to teach the fast and un-friendly boater how to swim.  Heee heeee.   The Fast boater had whined to us that he wasn't going fast.  So we told him that he had been going soooooo fast, that our mooring pins came out along with everyone elses and we were all adrift.   what an A*****le.    I expect we will see him somewhere further down the cut. Will give him a wide berth, so to speak.