Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Today, Tuesday 5th august is our second day at the Merryhill Centre at Dud-lie.

Have really enjoyed the bit of the Staffs and Worcs canal.  Lots of trees and very quiet. Mick said that  it felt like we were up the amazon. Has a been there whithout telling me ?????

After the Stourton locks at STEWPONY. Love that name. We pulled up next to some large blackberries.  These have now been joined by some suger, and vodka, and are sloshing about in a container ready for a nip of two in the winter.  We also have another container. !  This contains gin, sugar and what I thought was Damsons.  Having now seen what a proper damson looks like. I think we are making some sort of ornamental plum liquer.!@%?!!!!.  However, I am sure it will be drinkable..  Any willing guinea pigs ???

Helped a couple of vintage boats at the locks. The big old 1936 one got stuck in the mud, so I was doing a bit of “flushing” here and there. The lady on the other lovely boat is on the CRT water management team. ! 

We had a great trip up the Stourbridge 16 locks.  Started early, and most of them were in our favour. Result.  Then on to the Delph 9.  Some 30 something boaters coming down had left every single lock gate open.  Great for us going up, but not so good for the saving of water. !!!  hey ho.  Had there been a boat following them down, I feel it may have been a different story.

So move off tomorrow for a meet up with Scooby and Rita in Birmingham.  Really, really looking forward to seeing them . !!!

 Super Staffs & Worcs

 Up the locks. about 8.15 am

 Retail Therapy

 Wetherspoons is that way.  Sadly, it was a rather dreary one, but the beer was good.

 The folks who live in the houses have made lovely gardens beside the towpath and its 5day mooring, so next time we are here, I think this would be lovely. Just like having your own garden.