Thursday, 14 August 2014

Through Knowle Locks, lovely locks, lovely setting, lovely village. ! BIG houses. Phew !

Off to the Hatton flight of locks, which I normally love doing.  However, I found 2 volunteers who couldn’t have been more helpful, plus the boat we travelled down with, had a lady who kept doctoring me with Arnica Tablets. So even though I tried to help, I really , really should have stayed on Trundle, as I did more damage to my ribs. Hey ho.

HOWEVER, we are in the wonderful, truly wonderful Saltisford Arm, for days.  We have borrowed a liveabords  mooring as they are away until September. All is great.  In fact, we both said, it would be worth it to become Liveabords to live somewhere as lovely as this little waterway.  Ian the guy in charge, is just the best. Tis just a short walk into Warwick town, itself, and great walking around the racecourse and golf course. Finlay isn’t much bothered these days, but I am sure it helps his Arther Ritus, to keep moving. !!!!

Met up with Steph and Mike, and they are here also on WitchBoy. Had a night out at the Cape Of Good Hope, last night.  It was nice, but sadly it has gone a bit up market, and has lost its true “ boaty” atmosphere.

Will be moving off on Saturday morning and I will try and work 4 locks. or should I get Mick to do them ?????? yeah, that might be a better idea. Sorted.


 This is on the mooring that we have borrowed. handmade, except for the boats.

 Our borrowed mooring

 is he trying to break in. ????  I'm telling. !!!  nah !